New Year/New Beginnings

Hello, everyone!

As the title of this post suggests, it’s a new year and it’s time for some new beginnings. To that end, I have decided to start a new blog in order to follow my foodie passion. Rather than the mix of things that Rough Draft has become, Fearless Kitchen will be dedicated to my love of making, eating, and sharing good food. I would greatly appreciate if those of you who would like to continue reading my posts head on over to and subscribe.

The content hosted on Rough Draft will not be deleted. I may still update this site with my random musings. Please note, however, that all food-related posts will be updated exclusively on Fearless Kitchen.

Thank you all for your endless support– you have made my experiences so far in blogging enjoyable and rewarding. I hope I can continue entertaining you and exciting your taste buds over at Fearless Kitchen!



New Chapter: Also Currently Untitled

I’m back. It’s been a while since I’ve last written anything meaningful, not to mention a blog post, but this morning I’ve finally started to write again. 

The past months have been transitional in many ways. After finishing my thesis (my last post topic), I graduated, said goodbye to a large number of friends and places and bits of normalcy, got a real-person job and a real-person apartment, and moved into a new city that I had always visited but had never been a part of. I started a new life. The verdict is still out on whether or not I am happy, but people keep telling me that I am young and shouldn’t yet have any idea of what I want to do. I am hoping that time proves them correct.

In the meantime, I am trying to appreciate everything to not take things for granted. I’m trying to act like I did when I was abroad, where everything was a new experience and everything was worth experiencing, but it’s hard to get into that mindset. I am too close to home even as I am far away from everything I have ever experienced before. I keep trying to tell myself that this is a new beginning, and that everything is as good as I make it. 

So here is to new beginnings. Here is to the twenty-second (almost twenty-third) year of my untitled rough draft, and here is to the first pages of a new chapter that no one– not even me– knows the storyline to. It’s going to be an adventure. I hope you stick around for it.

Mini Thesis Survival Kit

I’ve been absent, I know.

My thesis is due on Monday– the final, final draft– and after a semester and a half of researching it, writing it, rewriting it, rewriting it again, and now finally reorganizing the entire thing a week before it is due, I can’t say I will be sad to be done with it. I love my topic and it’s been a fun time, but all good things must end.

In case anyone else is struggling their way through thesis/work/a slump/rough times, here are a few things that have been getting me through this week:


1. A chill grooveshark playlist (it’s repetitive, but it gets the job done):

2. Cute puppies:

3. Coffee.

4. A daily– hourly– reminder from many someones that it’s almost over, I can totally do this, and that there is no doubt that I will make it out okay.

5. And this: Image

Yes, this is as adorable as it looks. This is a real live Thesis Survival Kit, a box filled with a pick-me-up a day for this last week before my thesis is due. If someone you love is going through tough times, struggling with work, or could use the closest thing to a week-long hug, make one of these for them. It will brighten their (many) day(s).


My break time is over and I’m heading back to thesising, but good luck to everyone out there who is also chugging along. Catch you on the flip side of this milestone.



Pumpkin Bread & The Long Hiatus

Hello! Happy holidays and almost happy new year to all my readers!

Every time I come back from some sort of break I feel an urge to write a witty yet apologetic blurb about where I’ve been. This time, I’m going to keep it short and sweet so we can get to the good stuff: I’ve been busy, busy, busy– senior year is the craziest I’ve ever been in my entire life– but thanks to winter break I’m back for at least a little bit. It’s a couple of days early, but my New Year’s resolution is going to be to blog more, bake more, and knit more.

The good thing for all of us is that I’ve already started this resolution! I left my sweater at school, but I’ve been working on a pair of fingerless gloves for my cold dorm. I’ve also been doing quite a bunch of baking, like this lovely pull-apart cinnamon-sugar pumpkin bread:

I don’t know what it is about pumpkin, but I could eat it pumpkin baked goods all year round. Maybe it’s the spices used with pumpkin, the feelings it conjures, or the aura of fall that surrounds it. Whatever it is, pumpkin baked anything just makes me feel at home.

The recipe for this pull-apart bread (found here) is wonderfully easy, even though it’s a yeasted bread. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of experience working with yeast; I’m the type of girl who usually to whip something up, pop it in the oven, and be done with it, and usually can’t be bothered to wait for something to rise. This bread has taught me that the waiting is worth it.

This bread was everything I look for in something with pumpkin. It was spiced, sugared, and the yeast gave it a depth that pumpkin pie doesn’t have. To top it all off, the sugar in between the layers got gooey, sticky, and scrumptious in the oven. The original recipe calls for an additional sugared glaze on top, but the bread is sweet enough that it’s prefect without the glaze. It was so good, in fact, that when I made it this past fall, Clara and I ate the entire thing in one sitting.

If you have some time to bake bread over these holidays, I would highly recommend baking this. It might not be fall anymore, but it’ll make any place feel like home.


Next up: New Year’s cupcakes!

I Got My Feet On the Ground

Hello, hello! I have a huge project due for my internship early this coming week so I am working away, but I wanted to pop in to post something because I have been neglectful.

Here are a couple of videos to keep you entertained while I toil away:

1. Sleep to Dream– Fiona Apple

The reason I made it through this week.

2.  For Women Who Are Difficult to Love

A poem, a treatise on love, and a beautiful reminder.Thank you, Alex.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! Be back soon.

Crazy Sunday

I’ve been back at school since Wednesday and have turned into a bit of a hermit. Except for Thursday, when I sat outside on the green and read for about three hours, fencing and dinner have been the only times I’ve left my room during the day. It makes sense that a person should live in their room at college, but I actually live here. I work here and I eat meals here in addition to the normal sleeping. Does that make me crazy?

Even if you thought the answer to that question is no, I think I am definitely a little crazy right now. Last night marked the end of the fencing season and I ended up being awake pretty late. Plus, as you know, everyone lost an hour of sleep last night (LAME), so I’m feeling mildly delirious today.

This does not bode well for my work today. Right now I’m sitting at my desk– the usual– and writing a resume… sort of. Honestly my brain is just kind of hobbling along like some lame gazelle that’s gonna be devoured by lions if it doesn’t disguise itself as a tree, or something.

Er… I’m not sure where I was going with that. See?? My brain is just making stuff up!! And it’s kind of weird. I just tried to take a mini snack break with this wonderful seaweed salad my mom got for me but all I could think while I was eating it was “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE WHAT AM I ACTUALLY EATING” and got kind of freaked out at the whole thing and ate a cookie instead.

Add to this the stress of resume writing and you get the complete picture of a lost, crazy, tired college student sitting at her desk in the half-light (damn you, daylight savings). Can I just say that resumes are probably the most stressful things to write? They’re these tiny little things that are supposed to show potential employers your soul. Well, sort of. Because even though a Word doc can’t say everything about you, it’s still the piece of paper that decides whether or not you get hired. It’s a scary thought, that the dry yet informative words I write (and don’t write) determine who I am as a member of the workforce.

Maybe I’ll ignore work for a while and take a nap. That sounds irresponsible and conveniently like something I can blame on my brain. Yeahhh.

Spring Break

After a week of hard work and a long Saturday of sickness-inhibited fencing, I’m finally home for spring break and an enjoying some needed time with my family.

All week I had grand ideas of the post I was going to write when I got home, but all of that kind of evaporated when I woke up on Friday morning with an awful cold. It was the kind of cold that kept me up coughing on Thursday night and using all the tissues the library had available on Friday. By Saturday morning, the morning of our conference championships, this cold morphed into an ailment that made my head want to explode. My nose ran all day, my brain was clouded, and I used an entire, huge box of Kleenex. I’m upset with how I performed but honestly the end of the day couldn’t have come fast enough.

Now I’m home and enjoying my relaxation. Today I read the majority of a book– The Dew Breaker, which I highly recommend– and hung out with my mom. This is a relaxing blog post, yes, but I’m okay with that. I hope you are all finding time to relax even with the busy schedules I’m sure you all have, and I’m wishing all other college students relaxing and re-energizing breaks.


Hi everyone!! I’ve just gotten home to Buenos Aires from Salta, so there’ll be a bit of time before I get a real post up about it– first on my agenda is a nap and shower and photo nonsense will come later– but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s read my blog!

Why thank you now? Because while I was away in Salta  BROKE THE 1,000 PAGE VIEW MARK!!! WHEEE!!! So I just wanted to write up a quick thanks to let you all know how much I truly do appreciate my readers!  🙂

Thanks again, everyone!!


Hasta pronto, un abrazote,


Post Script

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