I Got My Feet On the Ground

Hello, hello! I have a huge project due for my internship early this coming week so I am working away, but I wanted to pop in to post something because I have been neglectful.

Here are a couple of videos to keep you entertained while I toil away:

1. Sleep to Dream– Fiona Apple

The reason I made it through this week.

2.  For Women Who Are Difficult to Love

A poem, a treatise on love, and a beautiful reminder.Thank you, Alex.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! Be back soon.


A Letter in Limbo

Somehow, two of my four classes (in different disciplines) have recently started discussing language. We’ve talked about things like, where did language come from? How do reading things in different languages change our perceptions of certain novels? How does language– and where it comes from– serve to connect or disconnect us from the natural world?

As I’m sure you can imagine they’ve all been intellectually stimulating, seriously rewarding, blah blah blah. So when I woke up this morning thinking about language, of all things, I felt like I was making great connections to these discussions! I could contribute to the worldwide linguistics discourse! I could write a blog post!! Until I realized that in my half-sleep I was just ranting about the letter Y.

Apparently Y isn't even a vowel? Seriously, WTF is it??

But seriously, Y? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great letter. I suppose. I’ve actually never really thought about it until this morning, which I guess means that I don’t hate it or anything. Maybe I’m just a normal human being. But this morning I woke up incensed and confused. Why does Y get to be both a consonant AND a vowel? Not even I gets to be both things and it stands on its own as a word! It represents the self, for chrissake! What more important vowel is there in the english language?

I was mildly comforted by the fact that being both a consonant and a vowel could lead to some serious identity problems. And then, in my half-awake state, I began to feel sorry for the letter Y.  What if, all these years, kindergarten teachers had been fostering discrimination by denying Y a place as either a vowel or a consonant? What if Y never reaches its potential, and all because it doesn’t know where it fits in??

Then I woke up fully and realized that I needed to start going to bed at normal-people times again. Language is fun, but analyzing the alphabet is obviously not my forte.

Crazy Sunday

I’ve been back at school since Wednesday and have turned into a bit of a hermit. Except for Thursday, when I sat outside on the green and read for about three hours, fencing and dinner have been the only times I’ve left my room during the day. It makes sense that a person should live in their room at college, but I actually live here. I work here and I eat meals here in addition to the normal sleeping. Does that make me crazy?

Even if you thought the answer to that question is no, I think I am definitely a little crazy right now. Last night marked the end of the fencing season and I ended up being awake pretty late. Plus, as you know, everyone lost an hour of sleep last night (LAME), so I’m feeling mildly delirious today.

This does not bode well for my work today. Right now I’m sitting at my desk– the usual– and writing a resume… sort of. Honestly my brain is just kind of hobbling along like some lame gazelle that’s gonna be devoured by lions if it doesn’t disguise itself as a tree, or something.

Er… I’m not sure where I was going with that. See?? My brain is just making stuff up!! And it’s kind of weird. I just tried to take a mini snack break with this wonderful seaweed salad my mom got for me but all I could think while I was eating it was “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE WHAT AM I ACTUALLY EATING” and got kind of freaked out at the whole thing and ate a cookie instead.

Add to this the stress of resume writing and you get the complete picture of a lost, crazy, tired college student sitting at her desk in the half-light (damn you, daylight savings). Can I just say that resumes are probably the most stressful things to write? They’re these tiny little things that are supposed to show potential employers your soul. Well, sort of. Because even though a Word doc can’t say everything about you, it’s still the piece of paper that decides whether or not you get hired. It’s a scary thought, that the dry yet informative words I write (and don’t write) determine who I am as a member of the workforce.

Maybe I’ll ignore work for a while and take a nap. That sounds irresponsible and conveniently like something I can blame on my brain. Yeahhh.

Sometimes I Want to Disappear

This post is dedicated to Houdini by Foster the People. It’s so freaking catchy and I can’t get it out of my head—you should all most definitely give it a listen.

Speaking of music reviews, I’ve become a poster on a friend’s blog called More Than Just Techno—it’s a collaborative effort that aims to expose people to different types of electronic music. I haven’t been any better about posting over there than I have been over here, but hopefully now I’ll be able to write regular posts for both of my projects. I’ve written one music review so far of a song called Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix), which you can find here.

But okay, enough linking. Phew. It’s starting to look like Wikipedia up in here.

It’s been another week for me here at school and I am still not really adjusting well to the sheer amount of work that I have. I haven’t even really had to turn a lot of things in, which is mostly what is getting me down. This morning (if you can still call noon morning, er) I sat down and arranged my schedule, finally putting all my due dates on my Google calendar. – As an aside, I’m OBSESSED with Google calendar. It helps me stay organized and I love to be able to actually see what I have to do.—But anyway, in organizing this I learned a couple of things.

One is that spring break is in two weeks. TWO WEEKS??? SERIOUSLY?? WHERE HAS THE SEMESTER GONE??  I still feel like I just got here. Having spring break be so soon makes me feel guilty about still adjusting to life back here in the US—how is it at all acceptable for me to still be adjusting halfway through the semester?! If I’ve been back at school for almost two full months now and am still not fully back into the swing of things, will I ever really readjust to it? Is the way I’m experiencing college now the way I’m going to experience it until I graduate?? What if I never become a normal US student again??

I mean, freakout aside, for all intents and purposes I actually am a normal US student. But something about it still feels like it doesn’t fit completely anymore, which is what’s scaring me a little bit.

The second thing I learned is that in the two weeks immediately following spring break, I will probably not be sleeping; this somehow is when all my midterm papers and projects are due. I’ve done weeks like this in the past. Hell, I’ve survived weeks way worse than this stretch and come out still fighting. But given my recent (lack of) ability to get anything done, I think I am understandably worried about my ability to get through these two weeks while still maintaining some shred of sanity. I am worried about my ability to get work done like I have never been worried about it in my life. I know I’m going to get through it, and I know I’m going to be alright, but gosh it is going to be tough.

I’ve also turned into a pansy in terms of sleeping. I used to be able to not sleep, no problem, and now that I’ve had a taste of what it’s like for my brain to function normally I’m not willing to give it up. So now that it’s after 2.00 am, dear readers, I’m calling it a night. Goodnight, all! Until next time.  🙂

Midterm Week

Yes, it’s midterm week. And you know what that means, right?

I have been procrastinating like a champ.

This time, though, I haven’t been playing the typical facebook-stalking-while-waiting-for-an-email-or-notification-to-pop-up game. I have a haircut scheduled for one of the two days I’m home over spring break, and I have spent my procrastination time this week trying to decide how short I want to shear the locks this time around.

My verdict?

I am absolutely in love with Emma Watson’s new pixie cut.

Yes, this picture is from her facebook. I am only mildly a creep.

Seriously. If someone asked me right now what I would want if I could have anything, it would be that haircut. It’s a little embarrassing, but if you looked at my hard drive you would see nearly ten photos of her– I wanted to try to get every angle possible so I could bring in the pictures to my hair stylist.

I would go for it in a heartbeat. It is definitely time for a change– I dyed my hair auburn a couple of weeks ago, but somehow it wasn’t drastic enough. My hair also isn’t as happy as it used to be, and I am a bit frustrated with it being too short to pull up but too long to fence with. The problem is that I don’t know how my hair will react when it’s cut this short– will we cut out the curl, or cause it to spring up into the most fantastic ever Brillo pad?

I’ve got to talk to my stylist about it. Just in case, though, I looked up pictures of another adorable (and curly!) bob that actress Audrey Tautou is sporting to bring to the hair salon, as well.

What do you guys think? Do you think I can pull off the short hair look, or will it make me look like a weirdo alien? Weigh in with a comment  🙂

An (incoherent?) update

Fencing season is officially making me go mildly insane!

This weekend was supposed to be a double-weekend meet, with one at Brandeis (in Boston) and the other in New Jersey at Rutgers, but the one at Rutgers today was cancelled so we came back to school instead. We got in at 2.00 this morning, which isn’t terribly late for a college student on a Saturday night, but we were all exhausted from fencing and being on the bus for 6+ hours. As a result I’m a bit incoherent, but I’m way overdue for a blog post. Sorry to anyone actually reading this…  =/

Anyway. My birthday was last week so my parents and Madman came to take me out for dinner, which was pretty awesome, and my mom baked my favorite birthday cake–chocolate-less chocolate cake with berries and homemade whipped cream– which was even more awesome. And they gave me an iTouch, so now I can listen to music wherever and browse the wireless internets and it’s so beautiful and shiny and stuff. I would almost say its deliciousness nears that of the birthday cake! It shows pictures really well, surprisingly enough, and so now if people ask to see my artwork for some reason I’ll always have some on hand. Now, to get a case…

I owe you all a real update, promise. I will, however, wait until I’ve gotten more sleep.