Mini Thesis Survival Kit

I’ve been absent, I know.

My thesis is due on Monday– the final, final draft– and after a semester and a half of researching it, writing it, rewriting it, rewriting it again, and now finally reorganizing the entire thing a week before it is due, I can’t say I will be sad to be done with it. I love my topic and it’s been a fun time, but all good things must end.

In case anyone else is struggling their way through thesis/work/a slump/rough times, here are a few things that have been getting me through this week:


1. A chill grooveshark playlist (it’s repetitive, but it gets the job done):

2. Cute puppies:

3. Coffee.

4. A daily– hourly– reminder from many someones that it’s almost over, I can totally do this, and that there is no doubt that I will make it out okay.

5. And this: Image

Yes, this is as adorable as it looks. This is a real live Thesis Survival Kit, a box filled with a pick-me-up a day for this last week before my thesis is due. If someone you love is going through tough times, struggling with work, or could use the closest thing to a week-long hug, make one of these for them. It will brighten their (many) day(s).


My break time is over and I’m heading back to thesising, but good luck to everyone out there who is also chugging along. Catch you on the flip side of this milestone.




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