Crazy Sunday

I’ve been back at school since Wednesday and have turned into a bit of a hermit. Except for Thursday, when I sat outside on the green and read for about three hours, fencing and dinner have been the only times I’ve left my room during the day. It makes sense that a person should live in their room at college, but I actually live here. I work here and I eat meals here in addition to the normal sleeping. Does that make me crazy?

Even if you thought the answer to that question is no, I think I am definitely a little crazy right now. Last night marked the end of the fencing season and I ended up being awake pretty late. Plus, as you know, everyone lost an hour of sleep last night (LAME), so I’m feeling mildly delirious today.

This does not bode well for my work today. Right now I’m sitting at my desk– the usual– and writing a resume… sort of. Honestly my brain is just kind of hobbling along like some lame gazelle that’s gonna be devoured by lions if it doesn’t disguise itself as a tree, or something.

Er… I’m not sure where I was going with that. See?? My brain is just making stuff up!! And it’s kind of weird. I just tried to take a mini snack break with this wonderful seaweed salad my mom got for me but all I could think while I was eating it was “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE WHAT AM I ACTUALLY EATING” and got kind of freaked out at the whole thing and ate a cookie instead.

Add to this the stress of resume writing and you get the complete picture of a lost, crazy, tired college student sitting at her desk in the half-light (damn you, daylight savings). Can I just say that resumes are probably the most stressful things to write? They’re these tiny little things that are supposed to show potential employers your soul. Well, sort of. Because even though a Word doc can’t say everything about you, it’s still the piece of paper that decides whether or not you get hired. It’s a scary thought, that the dry yet informative words I write (and don’t write) determine who I am as a member of the workforce.

Maybe I’ll ignore work for a while and take a nap. That sounds irresponsible and conveniently like something I can blame on my brain. Yeahhh.


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