Spring Break

After a week of hard work and a long Saturday of sickness-inhibited fencing, I’m finally home for spring break and an enjoying some needed time with my family.

All week I had grand ideas of the post I was going to write when I got home, but all of that kind of evaporated when I woke up on Friday morning with an awful cold. It was the kind of cold that kept me up coughing on Thursday night and using all the tissues the library had available on Friday. By Saturday morning, the morning of our conference championships, this cold morphed into an ailment that made my head want to explode. My nose ran all day, my brain was clouded, and I used an entire, huge box of Kleenex. I’m upset with how I performed but honestly the end of the day couldn’t have come fast enough.

Now I’m home and enjoying my relaxation. Today I read the majority of a book– The Dew Breaker, which I highly recommend– and hung out with my mom. This is a relaxing blog post, yes, but I’m okay with that. I hope you are all finding time to relax even with the busy schedules I’m sure you all have, and I’m wishing all other college students relaxing and re-energizing breaks.


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