Hey there, everyone! I am currently in Salta and am writing this post from the comfort of my hostel bed, which is the top bunk and gives me a lovely view of the random sneaker print on the ceiling.

Since I’m writing this on my phone there won’t be pictures until I get back, but I seriously needed to share some of the sick stuff we’ve been doing since we got here on sunday.

My friend Maya and I flew in from buenos aires early sunday morning (and there is essentially no security here, which is great but will get its own special post section even I’m back on a real computer) and then got straight on a bus to Cafayate, which is a wine-producing town about three hours to the south of Salta. There we met up with some friends who had been staying there and spent our first afternoon shopping until we dropped, then had some of the best empanadas I’ve ever eaten and topped off the day with Malbec ice cream. We spent some time hanging out in the courtyard of our hostel with argentine guys who yelled at us for not knowing enough music in spanish music and had a pretty chill and great time.

Monday, though, was AWESOME. After going to a winery in the morning Maya and I signed up to do an excursion to the Quebrada de las conchas (named for the shell fossils found there) and it was seriously the coolest experience. I have a ton of cool photos that I promise will go up when I get back to Buenos Aires but for right now know that our excursion turned out to be a 3-hour long private tour with a super knowledgeable and friendly guide. Seriously, Ismael was the coolest. He took us through the Quebrada national park and told us about the different geological formations and about the geological history of the area. He also taught us a lot about the culture of the area, and it was great to talk top him and be able to ask him questions about almost anything and have him be able to give us some sort of response. Not only that, but the actual Quebrada was SPECTACULAR. The area used to be this huge lake, so over the years sediment and sand collected to form rock. A long time ago tectonic plate movement pushed this rock out of the ground, and because it’s essentially compressed sand it’s been eroded really spectacularly by the rain and wind. It was an incredible way to spend am afternoon and I would highly recommend it. Really. If you ever find yourself in Cafayate, go take the tour of la quebrada through Majo Viajes.

Last night Maya and I arrived in Salta to find the city rainy and cold, but made it to our hostel alright and has some great empanadas. We also made friends with the barman, who convinced us to go out with him for another drink after our midnight dinner. The bar he took us to was simpsons-themed and hilarious and was named after Barney Gumble, who is actually Barney Gomez here.OH YEAH AND I TOTALLY BEASTED IN FOOSBALL. Seriously I had missed it so much and this other guy from the hostel–Daniel–and I had a great team going on and were doing so great.

Today we hung out with another friend who is visiting the area and met some of her friends who are actually from the area. They were super sweet and showed us sound the town a bit, and then Maya and I took a gondola ride up to the top of the mountain to see the city from above. It’s been raining, like I said, and when we were up there we could actually see the rain falling!! It was so awesome. Again, pics later.

Anyway, we are running out right now to go see the most well-preserved mummies in the world. Hasta pronto!!


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