Shoe Problem

Okay, first of all, before the post I originally wrote and which will follow this brief freak-out– my second midterm is tomorrow. The first one was yesterday and it went totally fine. I can’t say that I did a stellar, knock-it-out-of-the-park job on it but I just need to get a 4/10 to pass and it doesn’t count towards my final grade. Which is pretty cool. My midterm for tomorrow for my class on Latin American Politics, on the other hand, is going to be the biggest bloodbath of a midterm I have ever taken. It is going to be an open-book, open-note test, which seems nice at first but just means that it is going to be incredibly difficult. What will make it even more difficult is that I don’t understand the majority of the readings. The test will be one essay question about one of the themes of the class– the left, populism, or structural reforms– and we are going to have to go through what each author says on the subject while using different countries as examples. Bloodbath, am I right?

Anyway, the reason I am legitimately freaking out is that we leave for Iguazu right after my exam, as you know. We just realized, however, that even though we watched the guy click the correct return date when we were buying the tickets we are currently scheduled to return a week later than we intended. Which means that another two hours of my incredibly crunched study time is going to go down the drain trying to fix it. Womp, womp.

Now, without further ado, my other current problem. It is quite a big problem. You see, I have what we call a shoe problem. It’s embarrassing how long it’s been going on, really, and that’s why I’ve avoided writing about it until now.

This might sound misleading because I don’t actually buy lots of shoes. I’ve actually only bought one pair of shoes, my wonderful, wonderful leather boots that my mom likened to desert boots:

Other than those, though, I haven’t bought a single pair. It’s surprising, really, because on the shoe front I seriously did not prepare well to come to Argentina. In fact, I am in what you could say dire need of a new pair of sneakers. And this is where my problem comes in.

Or, if, like in the past few days, my problem is rain, it comes in from many places. Like here:

And oh yeah this kind of important place:

In case you guys weren’t aware, that latter part is called the sole of the shoe, and having a hole in the sole of your shoe while it is pouring outside means your foot gets pretty freakin’ wet.

Plus, see how in the picture below there are actually two parts to the sole-beneath-the-sole? The black part and the beige part?

That is because I have actually worn through the protective rubber part of the inner sole, and it turns out that under that is a squishy inner inner sole has just been sucking up water like a sponge on a field day. Seriously. While walking from class to the subte today my right foot gained about three pounds and my shoe squeaked so much it sounded like I was wearing a dying mouse.

Honestly, I love these sneakers to death (obviously) but that isn’t the reason I haven’t bought new ones. Well, it’s only part of the reason. The other part is that I am so busy doing other things that I really just haven’t gotten around to it. I know, I know. Shoes are kind of important. But once I got through the heel pain these lovely Converse were causing it just kind of dropped off my list of uber-urgent things to do.  And because I am leaving for Iguazu after my bloodbath of a parcial tomorrow it is just going to have to wait a bit longer.

What? What is that you ask? Of course I’m bringing these guys to Iguazu. What are a few more days of wet socks among friends?


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  1. All I can say is “I told you so!” DON’T you know that Argentina is the land of sumptuous leather??? Hmmmm…
    Good luck on your exam…and I HOPE your feet stay dry at the falls!

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