Te Quiero Cada Día Más

Hey! The blahhg has a new layout!

This new format has a wider post area, which means I can fit pictures into it more easily. It also fixes a bunch of things that I didn’t like about the old layout, like that the comments to the side of the post. I miss certain things about it but I think this one is pretty neat. Do you all like it? Thoughts?

In other news, I have decided that I really like a bunch of Argentine music. I hope to start sharing some with you guys! My Spanish class focuses on música urbana (urban music), so for every class we listen to a few CDs and then discuss them. Our professor basically made us a 2gb mix CD and I’m slowly going through it on my own in addition to what he assigns us each week.

Today’s post is dedicated to Charly Garcia. Recently we’ve been studying his music and the anti-dictatorship movement… and I’ve discovered that I really, really like him! He was apparently a child prodigy and studied a boatload of classical music before becoming a rock star. Who knew?

Basically, I haven’t been able to get this song– the one below– out of my head, and I’m sure my host family is sick of listening to the same tune floating out of my room every day. The title of this post is a lyric (letra) from another of his songs, No llores por mí, Argentina, which is another wonderfully catchy song if you’re interested in looking it up.

I know I’ve been pretty prolific in the past few days, which is rare, but unfortunately I will probably go back to being a bit quiet for the next two weeks. I have my two parciales— midterms– next week and GOSH they are going to be a lot harder than I expected.

I guess at the bottom of it, it’s just learning all the material so I can discuss it on the tests, but somehow the whole process is about a million times more difficult in Spanish. It’s harder to understand on the first try and it’s certainly harder to figure out the main points of readings. More than that, though, it’s hard to retain things and it’s almost impossible to connect multiple points together.

And after my last midterm next week, a bunch of friends and I are leaving for a trip to Iguazu Falls! It is my first time on a big trip and I am SO excited. It’s officially October which means that I don’t have a lot of time left here, so I am trying to enjoy as much of it as I can.

So this weekend I am going to have a bit of fun– keep an eye out for some pictures of El Tigre, where I’m going on Saturday if I get enough work done beforehand– but other than that I will be buckling down. And maybe procrastinating a bit, like I’m doing now. Er. Yes. Back to work, for now.

Wish me luck, guys!


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