To Start Anew

Yes. I know it is nearly 2.30 AM. And yes, I am still sick. So why am I still awake, you may ask?

It’s because I’m trying to fix things.

The Dalai Lama is in Argentina this week; I saw him being interviewed on TV tonight and, as always, what he said really struck me. He talked about letting go of anger in your heart. He talked about meditating on love, but not “biased love,” as he called it, or love that focuses on one person. The kind of love we should practice, he said, is love that you can extend to your enemies, even the entirety of humanity. He talked about being good in this life, and living it well, so we can let go without fear to do whatever comes next.

So right now, I am trying to fix things. I am trying to rid my heart of anger and look at the world through a new, calmer, lens. I am trying to repair the wrongs I’ve done and mend the relationships I’ve wrecked.

It’s going to take a while. It starts tonight.


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