Sick in Buenos Aires

This post is dedicated to Your Woman by White Town– I’ve had it in repeat for the past few weeks, both because it’s hella catchy and awkwardly appropriate.

This week hasn’t been the best– on top of everything, I’ve caught a nasty cold that still hasn’t gone away. Last Tuesday I ran for the first time since being in Buenos Aires, which I’m pretty sure is what aggravated my budding sickness.

Running in the city was certainly an experience. I’d seen a couple of runners before but from what I could tell most people go to the gym, so I wasn’t sure how the posh city dwellers were going to handle my gallumping down the sidewalks in my tie-dye shirt. I ended up running from my apartment to the park about 8 blocks away and did part of a circuit at the park. I was expecting to get a lot of stares and some catcalls, which is normal for Buenos Aires even when you’re not doing something outlandish. Surprisingly enough, I only got two open catcalls– one “Re linda!” which is surprising enough because I’m pretty sure I looked like a blotchy, dying animal, and one “Atlética, che!”– and I found a lot of runners at the park! I had planned to go more last week, but considering I’ve been having some trouble breathing due to this cold I’ve postponed them to this week (hopefully). Though I’m not sure how that’s going to work out– I wanted to go this morning but ended up sleeping for 11 hours instead. Oops!

I’ve been taking Mucinex during the day and Benadryl at night to help my congestion, but this cold just won’t go away. Some of my friends are telling me about some crazy Argentine wonder drugs but I can’t help being wary of them. One of the reasons, I guess, is that I’m not entirely sure what all of these drugs do– my Spanish is pretty good but it’s not like I’ve had a crash course on medical terminology. One of my friends told me about these amazing cough drops he found that he discovered contain lydocaine. How he described the experience? “It was great! My throat didn’t hurt and I couldn’t feel my mouth at all!” Sorry, dude, but I think I’d rather deal with a bit of a sore throat than lose feeling in my face, thanks.

Being sick means I also had a pretty chill weekend, overall. But I still got to debut my gold leggings! Yes, that’s right. I bought myself some Argentine gold leggings.

Cool, huh?

Being sick has also made me pretty homesick– on top of seeing everyone posting on Facebook about their first weeks back at school and how awesome it is, I am totally missing my mom’s comfort food. Although Buenos Aires is full of Italian immigrants, they don’t have real Italian food. Some of the pasta is pretty good, but a lot of the food here is modified to include ham and cheese or weird stuff like that. I am missing Italian sausage and lasagne. I miss brocoletti and pastina and spiedini. Really, food is weird here. We had sushi last night and the great majority of the rolls  offered contain cream cheese– to hold them together, my host dad said. More than anything, I’m missing SPICE– the Buenos Aires palette is so bland. I did have some wonderful Korean food last weekend, though. Seriously, Bi Won in Recoleta is worth a trip for anyone visiting the city.

I know this post is a bit all over the place– mostly because I haven’t posted in a while. I have been going a bit crazy over here. Last week I learned that I have a final exam that I didn’t know about, which can be scheduled anywhere between December 5-20. Anything scheduled after the 9 will completely throw off my travel plans– my current return flight is scheduled for December 10– and I was really looking forward to being back in time to see my friends at school before they left for winter break. I also would like to not have to change my flight again, considering the travel agency charges $75 each time. Oof. If I get a 7/10 average on my parciales– the midterm, final project, and oral defense of my project– I don’t have to take the exam, but it’s going to be tough. This class is hard. I start meeting with a tutor sometime soon, but our midterm is in three short weeks and I don’t know that I’m going to be prepared for it.

Now, it’s time for some reading. Dropping premed means that ALL I DO is read, but at least it’s 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) today so I might as well go enjoy it while I work! I hope everyone is doing well. Update me on your lives?


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