Some Things Never Change

(So this makes sense… I wrote this at 3AM on blogger and forgot to post it here, too. whoops!)

Yes, that is right. It is currently after 3 AM here and I am up, writing a paper on the day it is due. Did I start this one ahead of time? Yes. Which is new. Did I finish in a timely manner? No. Which is not new. Somehow being in Argentina and developing actual study habits has done nothing for the amount I still need to procrastinate while writing a paper. Yes, that is also right– I said study habits! I actually spend time doing reading instead of watching 30 Rock and cooking elaborate meals. And yet somehow it is still after 3. Oh, well.

For the amount they play, Argentines do a surprising amount of work. I have more reading now than I’ve ever had to do in my life– part of this, I’m sure, is that I dropped premed this semester and so am taking all reading-intensive classes, but WOW. This whole reading-all-the-time thing is HARD. And only about half of it is interesting, ugh.

Also, an update and an apology– sorry to everyone who has been trying to comment and can’t. I have no idea what is going on and really wish I could fix it, especially considering that Blogger won’t let me comment on my own blog. Damn Google gremlins and their faulty technology.

I am going to whip up a bibliography and hit the sack. Until this weekend, dears, when I have more time to write…!


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