Feria de los Mataderos

Okay, first of all, I found this yesterday on my bookshelf. Question mark?

Japan: Why is it the way it is?

Secondly, even though I have class from 5-7 on Mondays it is currently 6.00 here and I am sitting in bed writing this post. Why, you ask? Because it’s a national holiday! Booyah.

Argentines certainly love their holidays. One of my professors jokingly told me that three of the national pastimes are having strikes, celebrating holidays, and… I forget the third. But seriously, holidays. In the month I’ve been here there have been at least three– Friendship Day, Children’s Day, and the Day of San Martin (I think). From what I gather the holiday we are celebrating today– the Day of San Martin– is similar to America’s celebration of George Washington’s birthday. The actual day was last Wednesday, the 17. The only reason I know that is because I went to a museum with some friends on Avenida del Libertador– avenue of the liberator– and we saw the cavalry parading up and down the Avenida in full uniform!

Today, though, is the actual celebration of it. Celebrations of major holidays are all on Monday, which is GREAT because everyone gets a long weekend! Classes are cancelled and people don’t go to work. So today, I went with some friends to the Feria de los Mataderos, or a gaucho fair.

Vendors were selling some pretty typical goods, like bone-handle knives and sweaters. There were also pretty a-typical goods like wine, honey, olives, and LOTS of food. More about goods later. What made it great, though, is that there was live music and dancing, as well as delicious, delicious lunch food. Four of us had locro, or stew, for lunch that ended up being pretty good, but my friend Alex was the winner with a gigantic meat-filled tamale. I definitely won for dessert, though: some lady was selling enrolladas with dulce de leche– cake and dulce de leche rolled into a log and cut into slices– and gosh, it was so good.

Other successful purchases today include natural, unprocessed honey– aka the best (and cheapest, because it’s Argentina) honey I have ever tasted– and llama wool yarn! Look look look!

I have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet. I don’t know the gauge, I don’t have needles, and I don’t have a pattern in mind, but I paid 40 pesos (or USD10) for 200g of the stuff. Seriously, that is an incredible steal. You can’t really tell from the picture– the sun was going down as I took it and I was using my phone, not my Nikon– but it’s a wonderful light brown color and feels so soft. Any suggestions as to how I should use it?

The rest of today will be spent relaxing. As far as I can tell, I’m alone in the apartment for only the second time in the past month. I am taking advantage of it and lounging.


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