Things I Like (and then some)

First of all, I just found this lovely new song from Mumford and Sons called Lover’s Eyes and gosh, it is wonderful.

Second of all, I found a lot of unloved pictures on my phone that, oddly enough, represent things I think are awesome. So I’ve decided to showcase them in a list of things I like and do not like. To start it off…

Things I like:
1.  Boxes as tall as my mom
This one doesn’t include a picture for the sole reason that she would kill me if it ever saw the light of day, so, to make up for it, number two on the list…

2. Pancakes the size of Texas

Yeah, that’s right. That pancake is just shy of a foot in diameter, covered in sugary, baked apple-y, wonderful goodness. The one in the background, in front of Miss Roomie, is a Dutch Oven pancake filled with strawberries and powdered sugar and was also scrumptious! I stayed over at Miss Roomie’s house for her birthday and we went out for pancakes that morning, and gosh, were those pancakes worth the 20 minute wait. Mine was a baked pancake– they cooked the apples, lined a pan with them, poured an eggy batter over it all and baked it– and I don’t even like egg but I thought it was delicious. IHOP has nothing on these pancakes. We only ate about half of them but they were so, so good.


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