Last night as I was procrastinating writing a paper I, of course, logged onto Facebook. My friend Miriam had just posted something that I wanted to respond to, and now because there is no longer a “see wall-to-wall” option, commenting on her post was the easiest way for me to respond.

I was not particularly focused while writing this response– I fidgeted, I messed with Clara’s papers, etc– and when I went to post this comment I received an error message telling me to Try Again. So I clicked the Try Again button a few times– maybe ten altogether?– and finally realized that while fidgeting I had flipped the switch on my computer to stop it from looking for wireless signal. Once I had reconnected to the internet I hit Try Again one last time, and when the page reloaded it showed that I had posted the same comment OVER 200 TIMES. Yeah. That’s right. Somehow my requests got sent while my computer wasn’t connected to the internet and then MULTIPLIED LIKE FREAKIN’ BUNNIES!!!

And all of this somehow means that I’m blocked from posting comments indefinitely?!??! And apparently trying to post comments to see if it’s working again will prolong the amount of time I’m blocked. It’s not even like I was doing this to be obnoxious, but it doesn’t matter because I can’t get them to remove the block– the FAQ says that they “cannot lift this block for any reason, so please be patient and refrain from using this feature for a few days while waiting for this block to be removed.” ARE YOU SERIOUS??? IT WAS YOUR STUPID GLITCH THAT BLOCKED ME IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND NOW YOU WANT ME TO SIT AROUND AND TWIDDLE MY THUMBS?? If you really can’t lift the block, isn’t that some sort of signal that the machines are taking over and that we should all start preparing for a post-apocalyptic Terminator-style wasteland?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??



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