My friend Clara over at Just Listen dedicates every single post she writes, so today I’m stealing a page her book. Today, my post is dedicated to chance and the unexpected things life throws at us.
Back when I was first starting out with photography I would just sort of point my camera at things and play with the exposure to get it right. I would take tens of photos of the same thing, hoping that I would capture an image that really resonated, that meant something, that was good. A lot of them were pretty terrible. Sometimes, though, I would get lucky and find something I liked amid the mess I’d created.

It was all up to chance. I’m not saying that I’ve gotten drastically better since then, but I’m learning more about what makes a good photograph. It takes a lot of skill and often, yes, quite a bit of luck.

I’m learning now that life is sort of the same way. As you get older and have more experience with it, you learn that there are a few necessary skills. The rest, like taking a good photo, just seems to be luck. Dumb luck. Sometimes you come upon something so interesting it changes your life. Sometimes you get screwed over. Mostly, it’s just looking for something you like within the mess. And that’s something I’m getting better at.

By the way, thanks to everyone (anyone) who reads this. I know I’ve had ups and downs and have sometimes been downright neglectful, but I appreciate all of you and the time you take to read my ramblings.  🙂


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