I’m back! Part II

Okay, so on a scale of one to “seriously, another one?” how boring are these knitting posts?
And if you answered “seriously, another one” you probably won’t like this post, but you’re in luck because I’m cooking Mexican food this weekend. Yum!

So. For knitting. I still haven’t taken pictures of my beret or the accompanying hand warmers (mostly because I’ve lost the hand warmers since I’ve gotten home, durr), but I have been working pretty hard. I’ve knit/am still knitting a few Christmas presents and am slowly, slowly working through the list of things to make for other people.

I really only have time to knit during breaks, unfortunately, which is why it takes me so damn long to get anything done. But this summer I discovered that I LOVE making stuffed animals– you don’t have to worry about gauge and you get an adorable little being at the end of it that someone will love and cuddle. How wonderful is that?
So for this Christmas, I had the lofty goal of knitting three stuffed animals for my three little cousins… in a week. Yeah, I may be a little crazy. So far I’ve only gotten one done– we’re finally getting together with them on Saturday, after nature’s last snow-dump of the year cancelled our first planned event– but gosh, is she cute. She’s from Danger Crafts, and, according to the pattern, is named Iris and loves gourmet cheese.
You know. Just chillin’ with some oranges.
You see why I loved stuffed animals/monsters/creatures so much? Look at how CUTE that thing is. Seriously.  But you do have to keep more of an eye on stuffed creatures than you do a hat or scarf. I turned my back during our photo shoot and someone decided they were hungry:
Monsters. Anyway. You can only get Iris in a kit, but she’s available in lots of different colors and size yarns. Mine is in the color Daffodil from this lovely shop called Noble Knits but is also available on Danger Crafts’ etsy.
The other one I started is also from Danger Crafts, but it’s a mommy and baby set! You can start the aww soundtrack when you look at this picture from DC’s etsy:
Daphne and Delilah the Momma and Baby Monster Knitting Pattern Pdf


Daphne and Delilah the Momma and Baby Monster Knitting Pattern Pdf
But so far I’ve only started the baby. Iris wasn’t as big as I initially wanted her to be so I decided to make Daphne (momma) and Delilah (baby) with heavier yarn. I got a huge yarn (recommended needle size equals a whopping 13) and am working on size 10 needles, and so far baby’s arms are GIGANTIC. Like, three inches long and and inch-and-a-half in diameter, making mommy and baby MONSTER MONSTERS. F’real.
List of things for other people will come next time when I have pictures. Until then, LOVE YOU ALL READERS.

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