>Confession I

>Okay, I have a secret that I need to tell.

I know I’ve billed myself as a knitter, and I am, really! I love to knit. I find it relaxing, and I’m constantly learning how to do more things.

Secretly, however, very secretly, I HATE to purl. Purling is like the ugly duckling of the knitting community. Actually, it’s more like the evil twin. Knit stitches are easy, nice, and tidy, but purling is unruly and many kinds of difficult. Not only does it take much longer for me to purl than knit, I never remember between projects which way to wrap the yarn so that the stitches aren’t a pain to work with on the knit side.

Actually, I guess I have two confessions to make. Also secretly, I’ve never actually learned how to properly hold knitting needles. I’m sure that knitting and purling both become much quicker and easier enterprises once the fingers, needles, and yarn are fully in place and ready for action. I, on the other hand, am a mostly self-taught knitter. I learned when I was in middle school and didn’t yet have the smarts to look on the internet– I learned by watching my friend Louise and just copied her motions without paying attention to the technique.

Looking back on it, that was a dumb move. Not that I ever knit with other people, but I’m afraid that if I did I would be judged right out of the room. Their thoughts would go something like this: “Oh! What a silly girl! Her fingers kind of look like spiders. Fat, ugly spiders. Are they getting caught in the yarn? Wait, spiders don’t get caught in their yarn. Spiders weave things, not tie knots. That seems awfully silly. I wonder who taught her that awful technique??”

And I would be all embarrassed, and my fingers would probably freeze up like they do when I’m nervous, and it would be a complete mess.

Okay maybe I’ve exaggerated my predicament a bit, but still. Learning knitting technique is on my list of things to do. Eventually. Right behind the illustrious activity of learning to purl.


2 responses

  1. >purling is fun. i will teach you how to hold the needles properly when we get back to haverford, if you want. also, behold, i have become your creepy stalker. do not be afeared. it's not my fault you put it up on facebook and it showed up in my newsfeed and it's summer so i pursue any possible site of interest.

  2. >Oh, yay yay yay! i would so love that!and don't worry– i don't think it's really stalking if i publish it on teh internetz. plus, any stalking from you is more than welcome 🙂

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