>I Wish I Were a Chef.

>It’s partly why I am living in an apartment next year– I want to be off the meal plan so a) I can cook all the time and b) I don’t feel guilty about cooking all the time because I don’t have to be on the meal plan.
My school offers ExCo, or experimental college, courses, and I’m taking a cooking class with my boyfriend that’s being offered. The class is geared towards people who have never cooked before in their lives (which we didn’t know when we signed up for it) and I don’t agree with many of the things the instructor has told us– fresh vegetables, for example, are definitely NOT the same as frozen vegetables in texture or taste, as she’s claimed– but this coming Monday is our last class and we get to pair up and cook part of a meal for the rest of the class.

The boy and I decided we’d do an appetizer so all three pairs aren’t cooking entrees and just had the bright idea to do stuffed mushrooms. As a result, I’ve been browsing my favorite food blogs for the past hour-point-five and want nothing more than to have my own kitchen again.

Looking at food blogs is on my top 10 lists of favorite past-times, though every time I look at them I get the crazy urge to cook something immediately. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if I started browsing before dinner or lived somewhere with a kitchen. And since neither of those apply to me, especially at the moment, I’m left with my desire to cook overriding the lethargy caused by my icky cold.

Maybe if I continue to blank out on what my major should be I’ll end next year by declaring a major in the study of food blogs. Staring and drooling and cooking for the rest of my life wouldn’t be so bad, right?


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