>Catch Up.

>Okay, first of all, I’m not going to burden you all with excuses for why I haven’t been posting. Let’s just leave it at “I’ve been really busy!” and say that I’m back. Sound good?

I just tried posting these next couple of things as one post, but it was overwhelming even to me so I’m going to split it up over a couple of days. This first one will be my mini-rant on Blogger’s new templates, and up in the next couple of days will be my maxi-rant on my school’s unqualified health center staff…. enjoy! & it’s good to finally be back.

1. Blogger’s New Templates.
Thank you, Blogger. Thank you for finally saying that you are doing something about your outdated template something while not actually doing a whole lot to fix it. Congratulations to your advertising team– I was certainly enticed to check out your new and improved template designer. But did you notice that my blog template is the same as it always has been? Yes? Well, Blogger, it’s because I’m disappointed with your new system.

When you promised that you had updated, I expected something at least as versatile as Twitter’s system– while everyone uses the same layout with Twitter, I was able to use one of my own photographs for my page’s background and play extensively with the color palette. Yes, Blogger. While you are slightly above Twitter on the “letting inane people speak their minds” continuum, their design interface beats yours. And that sucks.

I’m an artist, Blogger! I would like to use my own creations over someone else’s uninspired stock photography! I understand that this whole production is in draft form but it’s apparently good enough to be released to the public– shouldn’t you have made sure that the background pictures lined up correctly before releasing? The top of the picture automatically lines up with the top of the blog, and how much of the picture background is visible depends on how big the viewer’s internet window is– my laptop screen dwarfs most other laptop screens and I STILL can’t see the most interesting parts of most of the images available. What’s up with that??

At the end of the day, Blogger, I do appreciate that you’re making strides to improve our experience in this bottomless pit called the internet. I really and truly do. I just wish that your “new and improved” options lived up to their potential.


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