>Sauna Sauna Sauna Sauna Sauna

>For the past three or so weeks my school has been right in the middle of a series of small blizzards. Cumulatively we’ve probably gotten about four feet of snow in about that much time, and it’s been kind of windy so the snow is whipping around in the air and blowing into people’s faces and making people generally cold to the bone. So you’d expect nothing more from me than a recount of how I’ve spent these past few weeks curled up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate, being warm and cozy in my duvet and watching the snow fall outside my window?

Well, you would be wrong. Because while I have been watching the snow fall outside my window, instead of curling up cozy under my duvet I have been opening my window and hoping that some of the disgustingly hot air trapped in my room will go away. I mean, yes. That’s terrible for the environment and as someone who cares greatly about saving the environment I am terribly ashamed of myself and my actions, but actually there is no other way for me to survive. When I lay down to take a nap yesterday the air coming out of the heater was so hot that the tree outside looked like it was rippling– I was seeing those crazy air ripples that you find in the summertime when you look at the pavement. Seriously? It’s the middle of a snowy winter in the mid-Atlantic. This should not be happening! It’s winter, for chrissake! I want to be able to cuddle up under my comforter! But instead I sleep basically naked under a sheet and still wake up sweaty and disgusting– what’s up with that??

On another note, the tree outside my window also has had something crazy stuck to one of its branches for about two weeks now. It looks kind of like a gigantic black squirrel attached itself to a branch and died, except there’s no body and instead is just a lot of long black fur waving in the wind. It’s pretty creepy and terribly mysterious and makes me feel a bit like Edgar Allen Poe.


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