An (incoherent?) update

Fencing season is officially making me go mildly insane!

This weekend was supposed to be a double-weekend meet, with one at Brandeis (in Boston) and the other in New Jersey at Rutgers, but the one at Rutgers today was cancelled so we came back to school instead. We got in at 2.00 this morning, which isn’t terribly late for a college student on a Saturday night, but we were all exhausted from fencing and being on the bus for 6+ hours. As a result I’m a bit incoherent, but I’m way overdue for a blog post. Sorry to anyone actually reading this…  =/

Anyway. My birthday was last week so my parents and Madman came to take me out for dinner, which was pretty awesome, and my mom baked my favorite birthday cake–chocolate-less chocolate cake with berries and homemade whipped cream– which was even more awesome. And they gave me an iTouch, so now I can listen to music wherever and browse the wireless internets and it’s so beautiful and shiny and stuff. I would almost say its deliciousness nears that of the birthday cake! It shows pictures really well, surprisingly enough, and so now if people ask to see my artwork for some reason I’ll always have some on hand. Now, to get a case…

I owe you all a real update, promise. I will, however, wait until I’ve gotten more sleep.


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