>Yes, well.

>It’s been a little bit since I last wrote. I know, I know, what’s up with irregular posting? But you have to trust me when I say it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. After my last post I tried my hardest to enjoy my remaining time at home. I finished the beret I was working on, though I’m not positive it is actually serviceable as a hat. I also went skating on a real pond for the first time in my entire life!! Which was a spectacular experience I would recommend to everyone!!! It was infinitely better than skating on a rink– yes, the ice is a little bit rougher, but it’s hardly noticeable after the first push off, and being outside while skating is spectacular. The only thing I had trouble with were the sticks falling from a tree hanging over the ice, which my skates somehow found no matter how hard I tried to steer clear of them…

On the 11th I journeyed back to school for a fencing winter training camp, where we fenced for six hours a day. It wasn’t as grueling as it sounds, really. Okay, so some of us wanted to die for a day or so, but now when I look at my (mostly not sore) muscles I really feel that I’ve accomplished something. Today we have no classes because of MLK Day, so I’m just fencing and relaxing and being a normal lazy college student, I guess, to save up energy for the next two months’ fencing meet saga. And counting down the days till my birthday (9!).


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