>Happy New Year, everyone!

A cause for much excitement, besides the whole new decade thing: today’s a palindrome!

According to a chain going around on facebook (reliable source, i know), “there will be 12 MM/DD/YYYY palindromes in the 21st century, 12 more in the 22nd and 12 more in the 23rd. But after that, the next such palindrome period won’t happen for 711 years and a day like today won’t return for millenia.” Fun fact, eh? Though really the date depends on how you write the date– today’s just a normal day in Europe, where instead the date is 02012010, which is still pretty cool but not as cool. Sorry, guys. You’ll just have to wait ’till   01 February.

In other news, I just found Coco Perez’s 17 December entry about condom fashion— apparently in order to raise awareness about the spread of HIV/AIDS, some company in China organized a fashion show where the clothing was made entirely of condoms. Weird, huh?

Some of the dresses were surprisingly fashionable if you ignore what they’re made of, like this one below.

There were some style issues, though; can you say unnecessary close-up of unfurled, ribbed coloreds? And really, the gigantic condom lollipop was a bit much. Thankfully, no pearl necklaces were, to my knowledge, worn on the runway.

[image courtesy of Coco Perez]


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