>’Tis the season for eating Part II


So! Here are the pictures of the White Castle adventure that I promised. Below, our first glimpse of the gleaming white burger haven, a place made even more perfect by the carpet of white snow blocking half the entrance to the parking lot.
Here’s our first round: 10 burgers, 2 fries, and 2 cokes that aren’t in the shot. Notice how neatly they are all piled up, with the burger holsters shoved together to keep them warm!

I mentioned earlier that the autofocus on my dad’s camera was being wonky… here is a weirdly-focused shot of Madman holding a burger for some size reference. I told one of my hallmates that I ate 11 burgers and then had to explain that no, I was not the gigantic fatty that they thought I was, thank you, because each burger is about the size of a deck of cards.
And… the first round’s devastation. I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the second round because I was too focused on not vomiting to take the camera out again. Sorry, guys.

End of Part II. Hope you all enjoyed.  😉


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