>A snuggly tribute & muddy adventure


On of my favorite blogs on the entire internet is Spoon Facts (spoonfacts.blogspot.com), a tribute to the most spectacular and comfortable of all pastimes: spooning! My dear friend and author of this blog, however, hasn’t posted in a looong time, and so hopefully this next expression of love for (platonic) spooning and Lil’ Spoon will inspire her to write more, and soon!
In college we’re at the age where hormones are raging and we’re all yearning for some human contact. Obviously. No one can deny this. We can, however, deny our most carnal of urges and just go for the luvverly platonic stuff. Namely, spooning! Spooning is the most fantastic way to tell someone that you’re there for them. My hall is full of spoon-addicts– if asked, “if you were a utensil, which would you be?”, we would probably all answer, “well, our most favorite curved soup-and-ice-cream compliment, of course!” and all cuddle together in our proverbial silverware drawer. We love each other, and it’s probably because of how much we spoon. I know things about my hallmates that most people at our school don’t know– one girl always worries if she’s smothering you with her hair, and if you even mention being a little spoon to one of the guys he’ll lecture you on how he always has to be the big spoon, or else. A hall adoptee used to wear Polo Black for our late-night snuggs sessions, and another one always loves to hold your hand, whether it be a normal hand-grasp or warlocking (refer to Spoon Facts if this reference is lost on you). In short, spooning brings people together. And reading about it is highly entertaining. Come back, Lil’ Spoon!
And because trying to segue from spooning to jumping around in mud with rain boots is giving me a headache, I’m just going to jump right in (er… no puddle pun intended?). We’ve been getting a lot of rain in this part of the country recently, so a couple of days ago the nearby canal oozed– nay, galloped– into the surrounding landscape. My dad and I went for a walk near a ranger station we thought would be far enough away from the canal to avoid most of the flooding– we wanted to dam up engorged streams but not have to squelch through miles of murk– but ended up in the thick of it! The canal expanded about a mile past its borders and filled the slight valley we had planned to peruse. It was pretty wonderful, actually. We found a wooden walkway that had floated off its supports and was just hanging out in the water and followed it to its end. It was so exciting because there was nothing under it but water, so as we walked on it it sank a bit, and looked really sweet when we jumped on it and the water shot through the gaps between the planks. We spent the rest of the day unplugging streams of collected leaves and started trudging home when the sun set… all in all, a wonderful way to break up the ho-hum days.

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