‘Tis the season for… eating?

I know the stuff-your-face season is typically Thanksgiving, but gosh, what an epic adventure I went on today that totally rivaled T-day’s ability to make me stuff my face.
I suppose it started last night around 10.30 when my brother and I had huge cravings for hamburgers. Because my favorite school-time burger joint—BRGR Joint—is woefully far away, the plan was to drive around, looking for someplace that was still open. But alas! The ‘rents quashed our fast-food dreams because a) they thought it was too late to even be thinking about food and b) the roads were icy. So we went to bed hungry. Gosh, it is so weird to be home.
This morning I woke up at the very college-like time of 11.30 to find that my brother, Madman (his blog alias—read it here: Mad Man and the Goonies) and I were still craving burgers! So even though I generally abhor fast food because it has the uncanny ability to make me want to vomit for about a week, because of our burger slight the night before, what do we decide to do?
Go to White Castle, of course!
And, even better, there was one only thirty minutes from our house!! Best day ever, right?
Naturally I took the camera to photo document this epic adventure, and naturally I took my dad’s point-and-shoot so it was having trouble focusing…. And the original plan was to upload them, but Blogger is freaking out on me. So, unfortunately, the pictures are going to have to wait until I can successfully attach them to a post.
All in all, an epic adventure. Definitely worth it. Though not necessarily one to repeat…?

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